Infinite Jewelry's First Post!

This first post will be written by multiple people from the Infinite Jewelry team. Everyone on our team originated from the deep dark depths of the jewelry.  Our team consists of a number of engravers, designers, logistics, customer service and managers.  We all noticed that many jewelry companies had the same repeating issues and we wanted to have a real hand in correcting  them ourselves.  The repeating issues included:

1. Bad policies and low accountability

2. Low quality designs

3. Long wait times and delays

4. Forgetting the client is a person

Bad Policies and Low Accountability

This was #1 on our list for a reason; shady stuff goes on in many industries, and the jewelry industry is no exception.  Infinite Jewelry makes it our number one goal to not screw up someones order and to be as transparent as possible when things go wrong.  You guys are getting married! You need our rings for anniversaries, birthdays and events.  We fully understand the importance of your order and treat all issues like its almost a near death experience on our end.

Low Quality Designs

We noticed a lot of companies were engraving rings and many provide beautiful finished pieces, but other companies provided engravings that were "odd" looking.  We immediately noticed when something looked off due to experience with photoshop and basic design concepts.  So we have a team of professional graphic designers to ensure that you get the best looking engraving possible!

Long Wait Times and Delays

In the industry, long wait times can be attributed to many things, this is just a few of them:

1. Waiting for a ring to come from a foreign country.

2. The customization requested has to pass multiple hands to get the job done.

3. Bad shipping options available

at Infinite Jewelry, we wanted to combat this directly by creating everything ourselves in house, with our own inventory.  We didn't want a dozen hands in the kitchen, so we strive to keep middle men very limited.  We also offer a large selection of shipping options ranging from 3-5 days with post to emergency overnight shipping!

Forgetting the Client is a Person

This is at the bottom of the list, but it is not to say one of the most important to us personally.  We noticed in industry that people start losing touch with humanity when it comes to helping a customer out due to high volume.  We actively try to prevent this by splitting the volume of help with everyone at Infinite Jewelry.  Everyone from all departments has to speak to the customer directly, including even the owner!  This keeps us grounded and helps us remember that we're not just working for money, but we're working with another human being that needs our help.  So no matter how small the help requested, we will try our very best with everyone.  Whether you're a customer already or not, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or advice, we'd love to help!

-Infinite Jewelry Team